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You have arrived at Marvelous, the Ishida Akira fanlisting approved by and listed at The Fanlistings Network under Actors. Ishida Akira is a Seiyuu known for many major roles in anime. Currently, he is under Mausu Promotion (formerly Ezaki Production).

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Born on November 2nd, 1967, Ishida Akira is a well known seiyuu, or voice actor, for various anime roles. He works under Mausu Promotion and won the award for Best Supporting Character (male) on the first year of the Seiyuu Awards in 2007 for his role in Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny as Athrun Zala.

I first became of fan of Ishida Akira because of his small, but crucial, role as Nagisa Kaworu from episode 24 of Shin Seiki Evangelion. I heard him in other roles, but it wasn't until I watched Gundam SEED and heard him play my favorite character, Athrun Zala, that I truly fell in love with his voice.

He voices many major roles in both anime and games. See here for his list of credits. ♥