About Layout

The current layout was made by Shinju as a gift to me. She made it for me way back in 2013, but during my semi-hiatus I got super lazy and didn't have time to sit down and get it uploaded. T___T Worst person ever right? My old collectie layout was super old and hard to read, so I'm so glad she made this for me.

Version eight features Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier. All graphics and coding was done by Shinju. No infringement intended. All images belong to their rightful owners, this is just a fan production.


.44 caliber [LOVELETTER]Beyond TimeConnectedEnamourEndless DreamHyliaLast EscapeMadderSky.orgOtakuPure RhythmReflectionSiren SongStarsurgetryptophanVerse of LoveWonderlandWonderland

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