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These are the fanlistings I currently own. There's quite a few, but I try to keep them strictly on subjects I'm really passionate about. If there are any you're interested in adopting, should I decide to let any go, please add yourself to the KIM list.

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War and Peace

Subject: Gundam SEED DESTINY
Opened: 18 Mar 2012
Last Update: 30 Aug 2023
Members: 12 (0 pending)

Garden of Hearts

Subject: No. 6
Opened: 04 Dec 2011
Last Update: 11 Sep 2023
Members: 40 (0 pending)

Electric Summer

Subject: Ookiku Furikabutte (series)
Opened: 30 Apr 2008
Last Update: 14 Aug 2023
Members: 74 (0 pending)


Subject: Soukyuu no Fafner
Opened: 12 Sep 2012
Last Update: 30 Aug 2023
Members: 6 (0 pending)

One Day One Dream

Subject: Terra e... (Toward the Terra)
Opened: 02 Mar 2013
Last Update: 30 Aug 2023
Members: 3 (0 pending)

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