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Fenris is one of the main companions and possible romantic interest in the second installment of BioWare's Dragon Age series. He is a warrior class character and an elven ex-Tevinter slave you have the option of recruiting into your party. Fenris is one of my favorite Dragon Age characters, and my favorite romance route for Dragon Age II. I think his story is really interesting and offers a lot to think over.

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This fanlisting was adopted from Samantha, ♥ to which I am eternally grateful. She saved me by also giving me her entire collection of Fenris screen caps so I wouldn't have to cap my own, so all in-game images are from her screen caps. This layout was made by me in Photoshop CS5 and uses resources and textures from damonelenaitalia, houltey, wantedheda, and genesbuffet (deactivated).

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The following codes were also generously donated by Samantha. :D