The story

Ookiku Furikabutte is the story of a boy, Mihashi Ren, who is trying to be come a great pitcher. He is, unfortunately, extremely shy and his grandfather owns his Middle School. So his team mates disregard him and he is convinced he is a horrible pitcher, because his team never won a game.

When it came time for him to enter High School, instead of going to his grandfather's school, he chose to go instead to Nishiura High School. On the first day of school, however, he is caught by Momoe Maria, Nishiura baseball team's manager, near the baseball field and gets dragged off by her to join the newly formed team.

Mihashi ends up saying he is a pitcher, and with no other pitchers, he gets the position. He gets paired up with Abe Takaya, the catcher, who is amazed to discover Mihashi's precise pitching skills and together they become the battery of the team.

The rest that follows is Mihashi's progression in pitching and his development with his fellow team mates and their attempt to reach the Summer National High School Baseball Championship, or Koushien.